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NPR's Tiny Desk Concert top 5

NPR's Tiny Desk Concert top 5

This blog entry is simply not fair. We feel that before anything else we must make this disclaimer: “we love and enjoy the music of ALL artist that have ever performed in NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series” – Ok, so that that’s out of they way, let’s get right to it. We are not sure if we have watched all of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts, but we have watched a ton of them. NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series is pure genius, and it can stand neck-to-neck with MTV’s unplugged, VH-1 Storytellers and Yahoo’s Live Acoustic series. Thus, in our most humble opinion, these are our top 5 NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Performances.


# 5 Red Baraat

In their website, Red Baraat is described as a pioneering eight-piece band from Brooklyn, New York. Rollicking funk music steeped in Northern India's wedding celebrations, with a dash of D.C. go-go beats and hip-hop.  Their opening song turned us instantly into fans.

# 4 La Santa Cecilia

Yes, you can see our biases here. We love this band so much that even wrote a whole story about them in one of our previous entries. Marisol Hernandez continues to prove that she does not need a big stage to deliver a powerful performance.

# 3 Monsieur Periné

This band will blow you away. Monsieur Periné is pure evidences that Colombia is a lot more than Shakira, Coffee and Cocaine. This youthful band somehow managed to bring back to live the 1920/s swing-jazz back to live. If you have never heard of Monsieur Periné, we highly recommend that you check them out.

# 2 Natalia Lafourcade

There’s so much we could write about Natalia, that we are not going to write much. Her music speaks for itself Her voice is the ultimate benzodiazepine. After a stressful day, simply listen to Natalia LaFourcade and you’ll be ready to go.

# 1 Adele

The first place unanimously goes to Adele. Like Natalia, so much we could say about Adele, but most has already been told, written and expressed. Adele’s mesmerizing voice is almost better raw and unplugged than processed through studio effects.

The Greatest Band You Have Never Heard of.

The Greatest Band You Have Never Heard of.